Make the best of your Israel experience!

Dress like an onion!

Being a bridge between 3 continents, Israel enjoys the benefits of all three- Europe, Asia and Africa all exist in this wonderful land, enabling the weather to vary from very cold to very hot, within a few hours difference from each other. So before traveling to Israel, I recommend checking the weather according to the sites you are going to visit. Remember, most of Israel is a desert, meaning very hot by day and cold by night.

My tip? Dress like an onion- layers of clothes that can be taken off or put on, according to the site and weather. This system will also help you when visiting religious sites in Israel, most of which will request you cover your shoulders and knees.

Check dates!

Being a state of more than 6 religions, Israel enjoys many holidays and festivals. Your future visit is a great opportunity to enjoy these different festivities, but you don't want to find things closed or inaccessible due to these events.

My tip? Check the Internet for holidays and festivals calendar before planning your visit. Remember, some holidays include certain prohibitions regarding food, transportation and more. For example: Passover, when bread and beer are not served in most hotels in Israel. Check these things out before booking your holiday, to ensure you get the best of your visit.

Check transportation!

Being a religion oriented country Israel celebrates many Holidays. Along with weekends these days affect the public transportation and can really put a damper on your long expected holiday. Public buses and trains will not run during Jewish weekends and holidays, and in some areas the same will occur during Christian or Muslim holidays. For the most you can get taxis at every city and town. The only day that even taxis are hard to come by is Yom Kippur, on which Taxis in Jewish areas will not drive at all.

My tip? Once you have settled on the dates of your trip, check the dates with a holiday calendar (which can be found on the internet) and double check them with the websites of the public bus companies and trains you are planning to use.