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Zionism, survival and innovation in Tel Aviv

From creating a city in Hebrew to creating the biggest startup hub in the Middle East, Rothschild Boulevard is the beginning of our visit today, as we will learn about the history, the food and the young new modern atmosphere that is Tel Aviv. This tour will include food tasting at the renewed culinary scene of Levinsky market.

Tel Aviv-Yafo old and New

Visit a city that started over 4000 years ago, but then froze in time, and was reborn only at the beginning of the 20th century. We will learn of the Historic and religious importance of Yafo, and then move through time and place to modern day Tel Aviv. From Markets that are hundreds of years old to new café’s and art places that are changing every week. Tel Aviv is a bustling, fun, on the go city, with hidden stories and beautiful architecture.

Women in Jerusalem

History may have been written by men, but it has definitely been designed by women. Join me in a tour covering women’s crucial part of the history of Jerusalem, King David’s flirting with married women, through Solomon’s 1000 wives and lovers, to the role of women in the life of Jesus in his last few days. See how women pray today next to IDF female combat personnel, the different roles women hold in different religions, and how feminism has built its own spot in this holy city

Culinary tour

In the past food has been a means of survival, but today it is a means of socialization and fun. Join me on a scrumptious tour of flavors, smells and sights in the Machane Yehuda Market, the first market outside the walls of Jerusalem, where you will not only taste but also learn about the different ethnic groups in Israel and their food, get tips for cooking and try things you never thought you would…

*tour will include tastings.

Modern Prophets and visionaries of Jerusalem

One road in Jerusalem holds so many prophecies and promises of what 19 century visitors thought of Jerusalem… our tour will start at the former Russian compound, once one of the most religious areas in the city and continue to prophets street (Haneviim) where we will meet secular ideological prophets who came to build their own Jerusalem- doctors, painters, architectures, and poets all walk with us in this short but unique look at Jerusalem.

Jerusalem - Three religions walled in

Explore the unique combination of religions and cultures in the old city of Jerusalem.
We will begin by entering the city through one of its famous gates, and touring through the four quarters, where we will learn a bit about each religion and it's way of life in Jerusalem.
On route we will also explore some of the market, try some new culinary treats and explore the religious sites that are the heart of the monotheistic world.

Two men, 4 churches

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus and John the Baptist by visiting several stations of their lives, we will start with a beautiful view point from the Mt. Of Olives, walk down the mountain and visit the church of Dominus Flavit and the church of Gat Semene. From there we will continue to Ein Karem, where we will hear about the miracle of John's birth and hidden childhood.

Architectural styles in old Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a city constantly conquered by different cultures and nations, each leaving behind it's affect on religion and architecture, and shaping it as a puzzle of buildings, celebrating a different era of history. from the time of king David to the modern 19th century buildings, walk through time and examine the changes in building style and material.